2019 QPP Toolkit

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To Join or Not to Join an ACO

This resource looks at the pros, cons and key questions for practices to ask before committing to join an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).  ACOs provide a novel payment delivery model that is intended to improve patient outcomes by holding providers to certain quality standards.  Practices interested in joining one of these organizations must be aware …

QPP Acronyms

This document provides a list of all the acronyms used when talking about the Quality Payment Program.     Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit

MIPS Eligibility Locator by TIN

This document shows the three simple steps needed to find MIPS Eligible Clinicians in your TIN.     Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit  

Quality Measures for All Specialties

This document provides a list of the 2019 cross-cutting quality measures that are broadly applicable to all clinicians regardless of their specialty.   Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit

Quality Measures Removed for MIPS 2019

This table displays the quality measures that were removed for 2019 MIPS reporting year. Many of the removed measures were popular in 2017 and 2018 reporting years.   Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit

Quality Measures for the 2019 CMS Web Interface

This document is a quick reference to basics of the CMS Web Interface and the 10 required measures.   Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit

Promoting Interoperability Public Health Exclusions

The Public Health Measure requires the reporting of two different public health agencies or clinical data registries and/or the opportunity to claim exclusion(s).  Failure to submit a numerator or claim an exclusion will result in a zero being earned in the PI category.  This resource guides you through the exclusion options.   Return to 2019 …

Promoting Interoperability Scoring Table

This document is a quick glance at the Promoting Interoperability objective/measure titles with the maximum scoring points available per measure.   Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit

MIPS 2019 Timeline

This document is a timeline to help you stay on track throughout the 2019 performance year. It provides descriptions of key dates that will help your practice succeed and avoid a penalty. The first step to MIPS success is to be prepared and this timeline will help you stay prepared throughout the year!   Return …

Improvement Activities – What’s New for MIPS 2019

View this list to see the six activities added to the MIPS Improvement Activity performance category.   Return to 2019 QPP Toolkit

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