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4Ms and your Goals: Laying the Groundwork for Understanding the 4Ms and Becoming an Age Friendly Health System (AFHS) Learning Session One Resources

Learning Session 1: PowerPoint presentation, Webinar recording, Resources Join us! The purpose of this learning collaborative is to guide participants through Becoming an Age Friendly Health System with the 4Ms (What Matters, Mentation, Medication, Mobility). The first learning session was held on July 22, 2020. Upcoming learning sessions will be held on August 12, September 2, and …

Leveraging Outside Resources and Addressing Patient and Family Stigma (Behavioral Health Series – 5 of 5)

This Telligen webinar recorded in May 2019 covers the guiding principles of behavioral health recovery. Concepts and practices to address mental disorders and substance abuse disorders are explored, including social determinants of health, the importance of partnerships and reducing stigma through the use of a universal screening for behavioral health in medical settings.

Behavioral Health in Aging Populations (Behavioral Health Series – 4 of 5)

Approximately 7.5 million Americans aged 65 and older have a mental illness. This number is anticipated to double by 2030. Mental health has the ability to impact physical health; for example, people with conditions like heart disease have higher rates of depression. Older adults are often misdiagnosed and under-treated, which can result in poorer health …

Addiction Medicine: Program Implementation and Impacting Hospital Culture (Behavioral Health Series – 3 of 5)

Overcoming substance use and addiction is a significant challenge for patients. Learn how Rush University Medical Center in Chicago tackles this problem by providing services for patients in an outpatient setting in this Telligen webinar recorded in February 2019.

Rush University’s Substance Use Intervention Team (Behavioral Health Series – 2 of 5)

Substance Use Intervention at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is a team-based service of healthcare providers working together to identify and treat patients at risk for using opioids and other substances. Join Dr. Niranjan S. Karnik, MD, PhD, for this Telligen webinar recorded in January 2019 to hear how Rush University Medical Center pulled …

Holiday Blues: Effective Coping Strategies to Assist Clients & Patients Webinar (Behavioral Health Series – 1 of 5)

The holidays can be a difficult time, particularly for those who struggle throughout the year with mental illness. One in four Americans experience mental illness at some point each year. This webinar focuses on how to equip healthcare providers with effective strategies to assist their patients during the holiday season. Part 1 of 5.

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