Picture your community filled with all your neighbors, friends, and colleagues as they go about their days. Telligen QI Connect™ was created with your community in mind:

  • Healthcare professionals squeezed by ever-greater administrative requirements
  • Local nursing homes and post-acute care providers, caring for their residents while deciphering new regulations
  • Community members eager to prevent opioid harm and expand access to behavioral health services
  • Clinicians committed to using evidence-based best practices to improve chronic disease prevention and self-care
  • Colleagues struggling to implement value-based purchasing mandates that impact the livelihood of their organization.
  • Families urgently seeking community resources to help them care for aging and ailing loved ones

Telligen QI Connect™ is a comprehensive quality improvement program that places healthcare providers and consumers at its center. You’ll join Affinity Groups designed to make an impact on the most challenging healthcare issues facing our communities today. Because whether you’re providing healthcare or receiving it, in today’s environment it takes collective action to make healthcare safer, more accessible and more cost-effective. Affinity Groups include:

Telligen has brought communities together to meet challenging healthcare quality goals for more than 45 years as a Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Our quality improvement consulting services are available at no cost to your organization. We help you make the connection between evidence-based innovations and the human experience. Learn more about Telligen’s commitment to you.