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Shortfall Of Comfort Care Signals Undue Suffering For Coronavirus Patients

March 26, 2020

For Jill Hofstede, whose 90-year-old mother has Alzheimer’s disease, news about the coronavirus becomes more terrifying every day. Although the potential shortages of mechanical ventilators and intensive care beds have made headlines, Hofstede fears a surge of COVID-19 patients could deprive her mother of something far more basic should she contract the disease: relief from …

Spring into action with Medicare preventive care

March 25, 2020

Start spring off right with Medicare preventive care & get services you need to stay healthy; whether it’s “Welcome to Medicare” visit, yearly wellness visit, more.

Does Everyone Over 60 Need To Take The Same Coronavirus Precautions?

March 24, 2020

She knew it wasn’t a good idea and her daughter would disapprove. Nonetheless, Barbara Figge Fox, 79, recently went to four stores in Princeton, New Jersey, to shop for canned goods, paper towels, fresh fruit, yogurt, and other items. Navigating Aging Navigating Aging focuses on medical issues and advice associated with aging and end-of-life care, helping …

Make healthier choices for a healthier you. Medicare can help!

March 23, 2020

Food isn’t just for survival — it can foster relationships, spark conversations, and connect cultures. Above all, smart food choices are good for you and your family’s health, and overall well-being. While confusing food labels and fad diets can make healthy eating challenging, National Nutrition Month and Medicare are here to help!

Millions Of Older Americans Live In Counties With No ICU Beds As Pandemic Intensifies

March 20, 2020

More than half the counties in America have no intensive care beds, posing a particular danger for more than 7 million people who are age 60 and up ― older patients who face the highest risk of serious illness or death from the rapid spread of COVID-19, a Kaiser Health News data analysis shows. This …

Amid Pandemic, Programs Struggle To Reach Vulnerable Seniors Living At Home

March 18, 2020

Close down group meals for seniors. Cancel social gatherings. The directive, from the Illinois Department on Aging, sent shock waves through senior service organizations late last week. Overnight, Area Agencies on Aging had to figure out how to help people in their homes instead of at sites where they mingle and get various types of …

Get your yearly colorectal cancer screenings

March 16, 2020

If you’re man 50+, Medicare covers colorectal cancer screenings annually. Be smart & stay healthy with regular men’s health screenings. Official Medicare site.

Look-Up: Check Out Infection Records Of 15,000 U.S. Nursing Homes

March 13, 2020

Click here to download KHN’s full data set. How Well Does Your Nursing Home Fight Infections? More nursing homes have been faulted for failing to follow practices designed to prevent and control infections than for any other type of error. Such lapses have become matters of heightened concern with the spread of the coronavirus this spring, especially …

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