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Medicare Data: People with ESRD Most Likely to be Hospitalized with COVID-19

July 14, 2020

A Medicare claims analysis found that from January 1 to May 16, 2020, more than 325,000 people with Medicare were diagnosed with COVID-19, and nearly 110,000 were hospitalized. People with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) had a hospitalization rate of 1,341 per 100,000, or nearly three times higher than the rates for low-income beneficiaries and blacks. …

Failure to Follow Medication Changes Made at Hospital Discharge Associated with Adverse Events in 30 Days

July 14, 2020

A myriad of medication changes occur during inpatient care. Among nearly 2,700 patients in a study published in Health Services Research, who had a mean age of 69.5 years, almost half of them did not follow some or all changes made to their medications at hospital discharge. Patients who did not adhere to any medication …

For Some Long Term Care Physicians, Urinalysis Results Trump Other Prescribing Guidelines

July 14, 2020

Some physicians who treat nursing home residents are basing their decisions to prescribe antibiotics for suspected urinary tract infections (UTIs) primarily on urinalysis results, which are an unreliable indicator, according to an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-funded study published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors’ Association. In surveys administered to 876 …

If you’re unhappy with your care, let us know – File a Medicare complaint.

June 8, 2020

Your Medicare satisfaction is our top priority. Find out how to file Medicare complaint if unhappy with your care. Learn more at Official Medicare site.

Considerations for Institutes of Higher Education ‘ CDC

May 29, 2020

Find answers to questions about novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), including disease basics, prevention, travel, and 2019-nCoV and animals information.

Guidance for Group Homes for Individuals with Disabilities

May 29, 2020

CDC has guidance for administrators of group homes (GHs) for people with disabilities. GH administrators may consider implementing several strategies to encourage behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19.

World Map ‘ CDC

May 27, 2020

View the spread of COVID-19 on world map.

Testing in U.S.

May 26, 2020

View graphs and map for Testing in U.S. for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Country

May 26, 2020

Search COVID-19 risk assessment by country larger map

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