Telligen Offers Advanced Care Planning through the Preference-Aligned Communication and Treatment (PACT) Project

Hospitals in Colorado, Illinois and Iowa can now enroll in no-cost, high-quality training in an advanced care planning model through a partnership with Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

Virtually every healthcare provider supports advanced care planning for their patients – especially those living with serious illnesses. But as many providers will also tell you, the best intentions don’t always translate into action. And when advanced care plans are created, ensuring that the plans are communicated and followed across care settings can be a daunting task.

The Preference-Aligned Communication and Treatment (PACT) project was made possible with a Special Innovation Project grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The two-year project is designed to help hospitals develop practices and policies that support advanced care planning.

“With PACT, we want to ensure that seriously ill patients and their families not only participate in timely, effective and sensitive goals of care conversations with their healthcare teams, but those conversations are translated into documented care plans that are communicated across sites of care,” says Laura Plazak, Telligen senior quality improvement facilitator and PACT coordinator.

The PACT project provides tools, mentorship and communications training to project teams to help hospitals implement PACT processes and form collaborations with post-acute care partners.

PACT benefits include:

  • Effective systems that ensure patients are screened, advanced care planning conversations are documented and care is coordinated.
  • Trained, empowered and knowledgeable providers who can confidently facilitate goals-of-care conversations.
  • Meaningful improvements in health outcomes through end-of-life care aligned with patient preferences.
  • Improved patient satisfaction, 30-day readmissions, avoidable emergency department and intensive care admissions and inpatient mortality rates.

Hospitals in Colorado, Illinois and Iowa have through December 2017 to apply for the PACT program. Learn more about PACT by contacting Laura Plazak or by viewing this informational webinar on

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