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Cardiac Rehab: Let the Healing Begin

In this Telligen webinar, Julie Hereford, MS, BSN, RN, describes the significant benefits and outcomes for patients that participate in cardiac rehabilitation, especially as healthcare delivery and payments continue to evolve. Hereford articulates the core components of cardiac rehabilitation; identifies current challenges, barriers to participation and predictors for underutilization; and explores new models of care …

What’s Going on in my Neighborhood: Cardiac Initiatives for Your Community

In this Telligen webinar, the American Heart Association presents cardiac resources for your community that include programs, resources, tools, professional development and recognition programs related to cardiac care. This presentation follows Telligen’s Target: BP-Improving Blood Pressure Control Through Actionable Data Evidence-based Care, and Patient Engagement webinar. Presentation Recording Transcript

Target: BP – Improving Blood Pressure Control Through Actionable Data, Evidence-based Care, and Patient Engagement

In this Telligen webinar, you’ll learn about the Target: BP program coordinated by American Heart Association and American Medical Association and the impact of uncontrolled blood pressure (BP) from a public health and patient perspective. You will also receive an overview of evidence-based resources available to improve patient BP control with Target: BP registration, including …

Telligen Regional Quarterly Webinar: Pneumonia, Influenza, Cardiac Conditions, Hospitalizations: How they affect your patients

Are your patients ready to lose their independence this winter? Unfortunately, seniors with cardiac health conditions are more likely to experience complications from influenza and pneumonia, including hospitalization, disability or death. This Telligen webinar will help you reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and keep your patients healthy through the cold winter months. Recording: Presentation: Transcript:

Get the Dish on the DASH Eating Plan

This informative presentation regarding the eating plan: D.A.S.H. D – Dietary A – Approaches to S – Stop H – Hypertension Research has proven that D.A.S.H. promotes heart and bone health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, in addition has been proven to lower blood pressure. This webinar is intended for all, including providers, …

Common Medications and Substances that May Induce Hypertension

This table from Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) is a medication safety resource which includes the mechanisms of drug-induced HTN & the medication classes associated.

Quality Payment Program & Cardiac Health Alignment

This document was designed to help you be successful with the Quality Payment Program (QPP) by highlighting two Performance Categories – Quality and Improvement Activities – related to Cardiac Health. It provides a detailed explanation of two QPP Performance Categories on which eligible clinicians (ECs) will be scored.

Let’s Close the Gaps! Aspirin/Anti-thrombotic Use in Ischemic Vascular Disease (IVD) and Blood Pressure Control Discussion with Dr. Paul Mulhausen

In this Telligen webinar, Telligen Medical Director Dr. Paul Mulhausen discusses standards of care for blood pressure control and aspirin/antithrombotic use for ischemic vascular disease; reviews the national and state gaps in Iowa, Illinois and Colorado; offers suggestions to help close the gaps by reviewing the protocols for practices; reviews the MAP blood pressure protocol …

How to Navigate the Compare Websites & How to Ask Your Healthcare Provider Questions

Telligen takes you on a guided tour of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Compare websites and offer insider tips and tricks on how to prepare for conversations with healthcare providers in this webinar recorded in March 2017.

Let’s Kick It! CO & IA Quitline Processes and Advice to Help Your Patients

This webinar is designed for all participants to learn more about how the Quitlines work in Colorado and Iowa.  Participants will learn about the Ask, Advise, and Referral system, including the use of motivational interviewing.  Information will also be shared about the Quitline process for Iowa Medicaid’s MCOs. Presentation Recording Transcript