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Advance Care Planning Overview

Advance Care Planning is an important piece of one’s healthcare; however, it is often overlooked and individuals often do not know how to navigate the process. This flyer makes that process easier for those who want to start planning for their end-of-life care or start the conversation with a loved one.

Sepsis 911 – Suspect Sepsis. Save Lives.

Sepsis is a medical emergency. You can help save a life just by learning the signs and symptoms of sepsis. Join Telligen for Sepsis 911 – an educational presentation to raise sepsis awareness. Learn what sepsis is, how to spot it and how to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. This webinar recorded in …

Managing Heart Health in the Communities We Serve – Exploring Strategies and Interventions in Keeping Patients Healthy

American Heart Month is recognized in February, an ideal time to remind everyone to focus on their hearts and encourage them to get their families, friends and communities involved. During this Telligen webinar recorded in February 2019, we review revised heart failure guidelines and hear how one community is working to educate nurses about heart …

Sepsis Among the Elderly Toolkit

This Telligen toolkit includes links to sepsis prevention, screening and treatment resources tailored to older patients and their families.

Seeing Sepsis: Skilled Nursing Facility Sepsis Algorithm for Adults

This one-page quick reference from the Minnesota Hospital Association will help your clinical staff identify the signs and symptoms of sepsis.

Act Fast! Early Detection of Sepsis Requires Fast Action

This sepsis screening tool from the Minnesota Hospital Association is tailored to long-term care settings.

Addiction Medicine: Program Implementation and Impacting Hospital Culture (Behavioral Health Series – 3 of 5)

Overcoming substance use and addiction is a significant challenge for patients. Learn how Rush University Medical Center in Chicago tackles this problem by providing services for patients in an outpatient setting in this Telligen webinar recorded in February 2019.

Rush University’s Substance Use Intervention Team (Behavioral Health Series – 2 of 5)

Substance Use Intervention at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is a team-based service of healthcare providers working together to identify and treat patients at risk for using opioids and other substances. Join Dr. Niranjan S. Karnik, MD, PhD, for this Telligen webinar recorded in January 2019 to hear how Rush University Medical Center pulled …

Holiday Blues: Effective Coping Strategies to Assist Clients & Patients Webinar (Behavioral Health Series – 1 of 5)

The holidays can be a difficult time, particularly for those who struggle throughout the year with mental illness. One in four Americans experience mental illness at some point each year. This webinar focuses on how to equip healthcare providers with effective strategies to assist their patients during the holiday season. Part 1 of 5.

Healthy Brain Initiative Road Map

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Brain Initiative Road Map posted in November 2018 includes a sample article for newsletters or blogs, social media posts and talking points to raise awareness of the new Road Map. These can also be used to add links from your website to the new Road Map and …