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Turnover: What Can Nursing Homes Do About It?

According to the Five-Star Quality Rating System: Technical Users’ Guide, there is considerable evidence of a relationship between nursing home staffing levels and resident outcomes. The association between nurse staffing ratios and nursing home quality of care elevates the importance of staffing stability. However, turnover is hindering many nursing homes’ efforts to maintain staffing ratios …

What’s An Infection Preventionist To Do? Review of the New Role as it Pertains to a Urinary Tract Infection Two Part Webinar – Part II

In part two of this webinar series for long-term care providers, Telligen staff dig deeper into a case study examining the environment of a resident with a urinary tract infection (UTI). They will also address treatment recommendations for a resident with asymptomatic bacteriuria versus symptomatic urinary tract infection, and how the infection preventionist manages this …

Staff Stability: Improving Processes in Nursing Homes

This 60-minute Telligen webinar provides information on how a stable staff allows the nursing home to benefit from the experience and knowledge that staff gain over time, thereby increasing the overall competence and confidence of staff and building strong bonds between residents and caregivers.The resources and tools introduced in this webinar are from the Nursing …

Antibiotics: Take a Time-Out

This Telligen QIN presentation recorded in July 2018 with Telligen Medical Director Dr. Christine LaRocca, MD, discusses what an antibiotic time out is, when it should be done and how it fits into your antibiotic stewardship plan for your nursing home.

Just When You Yeast Expect It: The Emergence of Candida auris

This 30-minute Telligen webinar presented in June 2018 provides information to locate appropriate resources to help recognize Candida auris, select appropriate precautions and disinfecting products, as well as develop interdisciplinary teams that include public health and comply with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) process.    

Understanding the Clostridium difficile Nursing Home Baseline

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released the first-ever national baseline for Clostridium difficile (CDI) in nursing homes. This Telligen webinar recorded in June 2018 helps you interpret your facility’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) reports and how they compare to national statistics.

Are You On the List? Shout it Out!

Are you on the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative (NNHQCC) honor roll? Then shout it out! Use this marketing toolkit to let your healthcare partners, hospitals, employees, residents and families know that you’ve achieved this measure of nursing home quality. Download the media release. Customize for newsletters and send to local and industry publications. …

Preventing Opioid Adverse Drug Events in Nursing Homes

This Telligen QIN webinar recorded in June 2018 with Telligen program manager lead, Katy Brown, PharmD, explains the use of opioids in the treatment of persistent pain in older adults, lists risks of chronic opioid therapy and introduces a tool and other resources that help promote resident safety and improve outcomes.

National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Honor Roll

The National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Honor Roll recognizes performance on the long-stay quality measures on Nursing Home Compare, which has aligned with the top 10 percent of nursing homes in the U.S. Nursing homes on Nursing Home Quality Collaborative Honor Roll have achieved a quality measure composite score of six or less for …

Understanding Your National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Clostridium difficile Data

This 30-minute Telligen webinar recorded in May 2018 will walk you through the following goals: Locate reporting functions in the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) registry. Run and use data reports for quality improvement. Understand common errors in NHSN reporting and how to correct them.