Opioid Safety

More than 2.1 million people suffer from an opioid use disorder.


The Telligen QIN-QIO collaborates with healthcare providers to prevent harm from opioids among people with Medicare.

Our work:

  • Spreads education and expertise through a supportive network of industry experts and peers who know your challenges and offer solutions.
  • Curates the best opioid safety resources for your care setting.
  • Helps you track and monitor healthcare processes and clinical indicators to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.
  • Provides coaching and feedback on quality improvement efforts as you start interventions and monitor change.

Download a CDC opioid fact sheet (below) to learn more about this epidemic.

Telligen QIN’s Speaking Out on Pain Management Podcast


Dive into the world of chronic pain management and explore alternative treatments for chronic pain with the Speaking Out on Pain Management Podcast. Each episode offers a fresh perspective from doctors, nurses, counselors and everyday pain-sufferers on the front lines of treating and living with chronic pain. New episodes available on the second Wednesday of each month until December. Produced by Telligen, the Quality Innovation Network for Colorado, Illinois and Iowa.

Episode 1: Pain Contracts

Episode 2: Non-Opioid Approaches to Pain Management

Episode 3: Tips on Combatting the Patient, Provider, and Pharmacist Disconnect

Episode 4:Pain Assessments: A Patient’s Experience and What The Doctor Recommends

Episode 5: Unexpected Ties Between Mental Health and Pain Management


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