QIN-QIO Special Innovation Projects

The three aims: Better care. Better health. Smarter spending.


Special Innovation Projects (SIPs) are short-term healthcare quality improvement projects that align with the goals of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Strategy.

Current SIPs

Preference Aligned Communication and Treatment (PACT)
Telligen is partnering with Northwestern University to offer the Preference-Aligned Communication and Treatment (PACT) project to improve clinician communication skills and embed patient-centered conversations into care delivery systems. The project’s mission is to foster a culture of care that ensures patients and families with serious illnesses participate in timely, effective, and sensitive goals of care conversations that are documented, translated into Patient-centered care plans, and communicated across sites of care.

Past SIPs

The Coordinated Transitional Care Program (C-TraC) was offered to Colorado rural hospitals through fall 2017 through Telligen, the Colorado Rural Health Center and University of Wisconsin educator and researcher Amy Kind, MD, PhD. The C-TraC system uses telephone-based follow-up after hospital discharge to reduce medication errors and increase patient satisfaction. The team adapted the C-TraC model to rural hospital care settings.

Fundamentals of Healthcare Quality for the Nursing Home Professional
Telligen collaborated with the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and long-term care partners in Illinois and Iowa to create an educational certificate program for nursing home quality. The program instructs Illinois and Iowa nursing home professionals in Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) methods through March 2017.


Hospitals in Colorado, Illinois and Iowa have through December 2017 to enroll in no-cost training in advanced care planning through the Preference-Aligned Communication and Treatment (PACT) project offered through Telligen and Northwestern University-Chicago. The PACT project provides tools, mentorship and communications training to help hospitals develop processes and form collaborations with post-acute care partners to ensure that advance care plans are communicated and followed across care settings. Learn more about PACT by contacting Telligen Senior Quality Improvement Facilitator Laura Plazak or by viewing this informational webinar.

Fact Sheet

QIN-QIO Special Innovation Projects Fact Sheet 1

Preference Aligned Communication and Treatment (PACT) Fact Sheet

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Preference-Aligned Communication and Treatment Participation Agreement

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