Dust Off Your Swimsuit For Muscle Strength

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Tai chi has been touted as a means to improve balance and avoid falls in older adults by countless media organizations such as Harvard Health, WebMD, AARP, and many more. In fact, if you type “Tai Chi” into Google’s search engine, the first result to auto-populate is “Tai Chi to prevent falls”. Given Tai Chi’s meteoric rise in popularity, a new and similar movement known as Ai Chi has emerged as well — the only difference, Ai Chi is water-based. That’s right, Ai Chi is practiced while submerged in waist or chest-deep water due to additional benefits gained. Our two Quality Improvement Managers, Kate LaFollette and Sheryl Marshall decided to investigate whether the hype surrounding Ai Chi was worth it and what other benefits aquatic exercise offers by deep diving with Iowa Department of Health’s Executive Officer, Diane Williams and Community Health Partners’ Aquatic Program Director, Mary LaBane.

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Dust Off Your Swimsuit For Muscle Strength