Pain Assessments: A Patient’s Experience and What The Doctor Recommends

Speaking Out On Pain Management’s episode 4 features host Kristen Marino, patient Nina and Dr. Jan Gillespie of Northern Colorado Pain Management. First, Kristen interviews Nina on what it’s like to suffer from chronic pain on the daily. Nina’s story takes you on a relatable and inspiring journey on what it’s like to have debilitating pain, getting sent from doctor to doctor, having surgery and yet having to fight to see results. Then, Kristen deep dives with Dr. Gillespie on what a pain assessment is and what factors you should be looking out for during the assessment whether you’re a doctor or a patient. Secondly, Dr. Gillespie hears Nina’s story and gives her assessment and recommendations for Nina’s pain.

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Speaking Out on Pain Management
Speaking Out on Pain Management
Pain Assessments: A Patient's Experience and What The Doctor Recommends