Walk With Ease

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In 1999 the National Institute of Arthritis developed a program to help their beneficiaries suffering from arthritis, pain and stiffness. The program was a means to get them up and moving safely and effectively without increasing their symptoms. As time has gone by, the program has been expanded to serve a broader audience, such as people with chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, people with disabilities and people who are focused on weight management. The program so far has made a positive impact on many individual’s lives being raved as a mood booster, a tool to fight depression, decrease pain and stiffness and enhance mobility and balance.

Our Quality Improvement Manager, Sheryl Marshall decided to learn more about the program by hosting an informational podcast based around the program with Community Health Partner’s Executive Vice President and CHO, Trina Radske-Suchan and Walk With Ease participant Marilyn Jones.

Be sure to join us in the future as we continue to give tips on how to maximize your life well into your golden years. New Episodes are available on the third Thursday of each month until 2019. For more information regarding Healthy Aging, you can visit Telligen’s Care Coordination Page and Resources. You can also stay up to date on health-related news, workshops and webinars by following Telligen QIN on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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Speaking Out on Pain Management
Walk With Ease