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Linda Schwab Messmer
Telligen QIN Beneficiary and Family Advisory Council

Telligen Beneficiary and Family Advisory Council (BFAC) member Linda Schwab Messmer understands that care coordination is critical to achieve good healthcare outcomes. During her career she saw firsthand the importance of clear communication between patients, healthcare providers, insurers and healthcare facilities. Schwab Messmer’s work with the BFAC helps her continue to share this perspective where it counts.

“I have seen many successes and failures in communication and have strong feelings about simple changes that could have made a difference,” Schwab Messmer says.  “I see the BFAC as an excellent place to discuss these.  By putting everyone’s heads together in open discussions, I know that this group can actually make an impact and affect positive change, which is very exciting to me.”

Schwab Messmer worked for several Colorado hospitals, consultants and a trade association as a medical coding manager and educator, training coders to translate healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal codes that are applied during the medical billing process. As her work expanded to the collection and analysis of healthcare data, she showed physicians how their documentation practices impacted the data that the public sees. She has participated on ethics committees such as the Donor Alliance in Denver, Colorado, served on an advisory board for a coding school and taught anatomy and physiology to medical coders. Recently retired, she retains membership in the American Health Information Management Association while exploring her interests in genealogy and healthcare and fitness.

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